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Empower your customer-facing workforce with the power of generative artificial intelligence to dramatically enhance customer engagement, workforce productivity and business insights.

Introducing Caju AI

Caju AI Mobile and Desktop: Unleashing productivity and enhancing customer engagement while enforcing enterprise controls. Envision it as your pivotal collaborator, assessing incoming messages and proposing tailored response alternatives. Across platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Telegram, whether on your mobile device or desktop, Caju AI amplifies your messaging efficiency.

Caju AI App takes a new and innovative approach

AI generated photo of a women in glasses holding her phone in her hands, while looking up and smiling
AI generated photo of someone holding a phone in their hand

Caju AI harnesses the incredible power of artificial intelligence to understand and engage in human conversations like a pro. It quickly analyzes messages, offers smart responses, and helps your team deliver top-notch customer service, leading to stronger relationships and better business results.

Harness the power of Generative AI

Gain unprecedented enterprise-level visibility and control for customer interactions

Integrate directly with your CRM systems and customize operational views

Track sales activity, effectiveness and other performance goals

Immediate insights on new business initiatives, customer issues and resolutions

Automate risk detection and proactive compliance 

Customer Experience Dashboard

Elevate your business with Caju's customer experience dashboard. Gain full control and real-time insights into workforce-customer interactions. Make informed decisions, enhance customer experience, ensure compliance, and supercharge your sales force productivity.

Caju AI dashboard

Transforming how you handle customer interactions. Our platform seamlessly manages Caju AI Mobile and Desktop connections, hosts the Customer Experience dashboard, and integrates with your CRM systems. Powered by cutting-edge AI and secure cloud technology, we streamline and safeguard your entire customer interaction process with scalability and privacy in mind.

Cloud-native Customer Experience

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