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A group of six people walking out of a university dressed in business casual


Private University administrators seek to enhance student communications for better engagement, learning outcomes, and overall student satisfaction.

Universities leverage Caju AI to enhance student communication and engagement. The Caju app on teachers' and administrators' mobile devices process messages and create personalized strategies based on student data. It generates tailored messaging, announcements, and updates, facilitating personalized connections despite student population size. Caju's natural language processing adapts communication for cultural inclusivity. It aids in prioritizing vital information, ensuring proactive support during transitions, while maintaining data security through advanced authentication and pro-privacy measures.

The Solution:

A group of students sitting at a table in a universities computer lab
A group of six people walking out of a university dressed in business casual

Universities aim to enhance learning outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction by improving student communications. However, challenges arise from a vast student population, busy schedules, privacy concerns, and diverse communication styles. Additionally, tracking student status and delivering crucial information proves difficult. Administrators are committed to finding innovative solutions, emphasizing secure methods and inclusive engagement strategies to bridge these gaps and elevate the overall student experience.

The Challenge:

Two people walking in between the tables at a university library

​Caju AI addresses communication challenges and enhances student engagement, offering clear value and benefits for the entire university system.


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