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Four nurses in a photo. Three of them walking and talking together


Improved engagement with doctors on scheduling resulted in better utilization of hospital resources and improved patient experience.

Hospitals leverage Caju AI to streamline provider scheduling. Caju efficiently processes requests, presenting summarized options considering room availability and patient needs. This simplifies appointment management. In emergencies or changes, Caju provides quick, constraint-aware alternatives. This reduces administrator stress, enabling more focus on critical hospital management. Doctors and staff report higher satisfaction with operations.

The Solution:

A doctor smiling and talking to someone
A doctor in scrubs talking to his patient who is a child.

As hospitals aim to enhance patient care and operating room efficiency, they face hurdles in scheduling multiple doctors with varying commitments and preferences. Emergencies further complicate matters, necessitating specialized surgeons for each case. Managing operating room availability is critical due to high demand and potential conflicts. Clear communication among stakeholders is essential to prevent disruptions. Administrators play a crucial role in resource optimization and patient care. Additionally, doctors prefer mobile messaging, prompting the integration of scheduling software and IT systems for better coordination.

The Challenge:

A doctor doing physical therapy exercises with a client and a weight

​The Caju Analytics dashboard provides analysis of contacts, messaging, and scheduling data over time to identify issue patterns and inefficiencies, leading to better optimized scheduling and resource utilization. Efficient scheduling also results in reduced waiting times for patients and improved overall patient experience.


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