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Life Sciences

Better communications with healthcare providers on WhatsApp results in improved product usage, faster clinical insights, and proactive compliance.

To address the challenge, organizations leverage Caju AI’s virtual collaboration solution for their regional, national, and global sales force. Sales reps leverage Caju on their mobile devices, linke with their WhatsApp accounts.  Caju also syncs with organization CRM platforms to extract essential healthcare provider information. This setup allows Caju to monitor and suggest optimal responses based on contextual understanding. Organizations observe a marked improvement in sales reps' responsiveness and their capacity to offer personalized, data-driven advice and clinical insights to healthcare providers.

The Solution:

Pharmacist talking with a client ,
Pharmacist looking at a box of medication and talking on the phone

Pharmaceutical organizations aim to enhance sales force communication with healthcare providers regarding new products. While in-person meetings remain common, doctors increasingly prefer the convenience and personalized service of digital messaging apps like WhatsApp. This shift poses a challenge for the field force to ensure accurate, timely, and compliant interactions in line with industry and privacy regulations. Executives seek visibility and control over these interactions at an enterprise level, to ensure effectiveness, productivity, and regulatory compliance, particularly as the volume of these chats scale to millions over time.

The Challenge:

Pharmacist talking to a kid, walking down a pharmacy aisle

Previously, sales productivity and regulatory compliance were seen as challenges when using WhatsApp. However, with Caju, these concerns have been resolved. The Caju dashboard offers direct access to crucial metrics related to customer engagements, sales effectiveness, and compliance enforcement. It also ensures all communications are stored in a compliant archive. Additionally, Caju integrates seamlessly with the company's Salesforce and Veeva CRM systems, allowing for the mapping of key metrics to sales team performance based on provider engagement, regional breakdown, and reporting structure.


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