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Your business success relies on maintaining strong customer relationships.

01 Relationships are Key

Your customers, prospects, and employees rely heavily on mobile messaging apps to conduct business and support all manner of customer interactions.

02 Reliance on Mobile Messaging

Your operations have limited or no ability to assess the quality of customer interactions on these apps.

03 Quality Visibility is Limited

Your operations have limited or no ability to assess the sales effectiveness of your employees with direct customer interactions on these apps.

04 Mobile Messaging Sales 

Your operations have limited or no ability to enforce compliance or mitigate security risks occurring on these apps.

05 Compliance Approvals

Your training budgets are stressed due to high turnover, lack of success hitting key milestones, and/or complexity of required industry/market knowledge.

06 Understanding Answers

The Challenge

As an enterprise sales or customer operations leader, are you facing these challenges?
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Enterprise Operations Lack Visibility and Control

  • Digital transformation efforts have resulted in explosive growth of personalized messaging and response.

  • Mobile messaging dominates globally, yet the enterprise doesn’t harness this data.

  • Customer intent & critical insights may be lost while compliance and security risks increase.

  • Field forces are expensive, so productivity is paramount.

Even with tremendous investments in CRM and other productivity tools, enterprise executives and commercial operations often lack visibility and control over the customer-facing activities taking place on digital messaging channels. Consider recent trends:

While it’s so enabling for customers to reach out to their vendors with new requests via digital engagement, the expectation of quick, accurate, and personalized responses may place an impossible workload on the backs of overstressed customer-facing organizations.

Digital Customer Engagement is Hard to Scale

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For relationship-intensive industries, enterprise success relies most critically on the ability of its field force to develop deep and meaningful customer relationships. Customers and prospects alike appreciate the immediacy of digital conversations, and implicitly assess the value of their vendor relationships by the quality and personalization of these interactions. 

Enterprise Success Relies on Strong Customer Relationships

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While chatbots excel at automating tasks and offering swift responses, they can't handle complex issues or provide the human touch essential for excellent customer interactions. Human agents, with their judgment and experience, shine in navigating intricate situations, building trust, emotional connections, and delivering personalized experiences that foster lasting customer loyalty.

Chatbots Alone Are Not the Answer

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