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Two men in uniform and a hard hat reviewing paperwork


Enhancing field force engagements resulted in improved sales performance and stronger customer relationships.

​To address these concerns, organizations leverage Caju AI’s virtual collaboration solution throughout its entire sales and customer support teams. The Caju app significantly enhances the field force’s ability to respond more effectively and rapidly to incoming product queries and customer support issues as they occur, while amplifying their ability to provide more personalized, data-driven advice and insights to their customers.

The Solution:

Man in headphone leaning on his hard hat. He's writing something down
A women in a hard hat working in the manufacturing field

Manufacturers constantly seek to enhance customer engagement and gain deeper insights throughout the CRM cycle, spanning from initial purchase to system expansions and maintenance. Despite equipping the field force with mobile phones and WhatsApp, it is not integrated with the CRM system. This causes concerns for sales and customer operation leaders, who lack visibility and control over WhatsApp interactions. The inability to analyze these interactions poses risks to sales effectiveness, customer satisfaction, compliance, and gathering crucial insights, potentially jeopardizing relationships with valuable customers.

The Challenge:

Group of four people talking at a construction site. Two of them are shaking hands and smiling

Deploying Caju's virtual collaboration solution company-wide streamlines communications, surfaces valuable product and customer insights, ensures regulatory compliance, and significantly enhances customer interactions. This leads to quicker adoption of new products, boosts sales performance, and forges stronger customer relationships.


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