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Make messaging enterprise-ready, allowing for customer engagement with critical analysis and controls in place.


Infrastructure that scales Generative AI to understand human conversations for insights to improve products and services.


Self-directed policy engine that protects against security, privacy, and compliance risk.

Minimize Risk

Caju AI Platform

Caju AI Platform delivers cloud-native Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)  - for helping enterprises better process and manage all message-based customer interactions. The platform orchestrates the management of all Caju AI Mobile and Desktop  connections as well as hosting the Customer Experience Dashboard and providing integration with enterprise CRM systems. It is designed to leverage the benefits of generative AI technology and cloud computing to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of customer interactions in a highly scalable, secure and pro-privacy fashion.

Caju AI's color gradient with their caju logo scattered around
  • Leverage Caju’s Generative AI to understand your human conversations

  • Key Metrics and Dashboards provide vital insights into your customer interactions

  • Understand how to improve your products and services

  • Identify your most effective representatives and engaged customers

  • Use Caju’s AI-powered “Ask Me Anything” to answer key questions and deliver precision insights based on your data

Understand Conversations

Two screenshots of Caju AI's dashboards. Their themes and ask me anything sections
Two screenshots of Caju AI's mobile platform
  • Engage with customers using Caju Mobile and Web apps

  • Seamless support for your enterprise message platforms like WhatsApp

  • Visibility into customer engagements and conversations

  • Easily transfer conversations to colleagues, ensuring the highest level of service

  • Ensure compliant storage of conversation data

  • Enterprise-grade risk controls applied to conversations

Unlock Business Messaging

A screenshot of Caju AI's dashboard for cognitive event management
  • Securely capture, archive, and retrieve all customer communications from all messaging channels for regulatory compliance

  • Use standard or custom policies for both industry-specific and cross industry regulations

  • Leverage powerful AI analysis to go beyond keywords or regular expressions, reducing false positives and increasing precision

  • Proactively and seamlessly block unintended or deliberate
    disclosure of sensitive or unauthorized information for true data loss avoidance

  • Caju’s Cognitive Events alert you to risks when they occur and
    provide the details, controls, and audit history to review and
    remediate risks

Automate Risk Detection and Proactive Compliance

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