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What does data leakage prevention have to do with scaling your business?

Updated: Feb 16

Part of rethinking a growth strategy is ensuring the integrity of the data that informs critical business decisions. What happens if that data is leaked externally?

Rethinking growth strategies involves ensuring data integrity for key business decisions. Whether accidental or intentional, data leaks can have severe consequences, including competitive disadvantage and regulatory infractions. As businesses digitally transform, a robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy, empowered by Generative AI, becomes critical. Generative AI revolutionizes DLP by providing advanced, context-aware risk detection in conversations and unstructured data, far exceeding the capabilities of traditional methods like regex or keyword matching (or narrow AI). This integration into corporate messaging and other digital platforms ensures secure, clean data for leveraging growth strategies without impeding productivity. By intelligently filtering and blocking sensitive content, Generative AI enhances data integrity, allowing businesses to harness enterprise messaging as a significant asset for growth and innovation while maintaining stringent security measures against data leaks.

Maintaining business operations is essential as companies have transformed digitally to get faster and better in their quest to grow. A sound data leakage prevention strategy is a force multiplier for smart organizations, and it doesn’t have to impede productivity either.

Enter corporate messaging in the enterprise. With so many apps (like CRMs) that ship with messaging features and large-scale dedicated messaging apps (like WhatsApp) that are used ubiquitously for internal AND external communication - this can significantly increase the potential for risk exposures.

The pervasive use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, and others also creates an exfiltration channel. In fact, according to one study, WhatsApp alone now has over 2 billion users, with over 100 billion messages sent daily, if unmonitored could harm your enterprise.

Teams need to ensure this data isn’t shared with individuals or organizations where it shouldn’t be and to be filtered within the organization in a sanitized way to leverage growth strategies. The data in enterprise messaging apps can provide a wealth of information for any organization to unlock new growth.

Message Blocking: Doesn't meet the DLP policy requirements.
Message Blocking: Doesn't meet the DLP policy requirements.

This post will provide a new perspective for companies on how harnessing the conversations occurring in messaging can serve as the single biggest data source to unlock growth and employee productivity.

Blocking bad content

Pharma reps need to be able to safely communicate with doctors over various messaging apps. The same can be said for banking and financial services representatives communicating with customers. Managers need to communicate with their team members on Slack. But sensitive, inappropriate, or otherwise malicious content not blocked by an intelligent filter using GEN AI can disrupt those conversations quickly.

Caju AI's objective is to enable the usage of messaging platforms safely and productively and subsequently harness the value within that content to automatically build actionable intelligence - thus accelerating the business. Caju AI applies its large language model to unlock key insights from these messages and organization data and enforce DLP.

As new messages are sent by users within Caju Messenger, these may be blocked depending upon the DLP rules specified by their organization. These can be rules that flag specific content or patterns or those that might flag file attachments in the message. However, the real risk Caju AI addresses is the leakage of sensitive information.

Caju Messenger will then prevent the message from being sent and present the user with an alert indicating more specifics as to why their message is blocked. This preserves the integrity of messaging but ensures the data remains clean for its intended use.

Creating a detailed and clean audit trail

With Caju Messenger, administrators now have a comprehensive audit of those incidents where content was blocked, and more importantly the associations to the Caju Messenger user as well as the complete body of the content.

A typical organization's messaging across three categories
A typical organization's messaging across three categories.

For example, when a message is blocked in Caju Messenger, this will create a new event within Caju AI’s platform, enabling easy compliance with security controls and giving administrators the alerting necessary to take additional action or build reporting.

Using DLP measures for protecting corporate messaging applications

Here’s a quick guide for teams who haven’t applied a data leakage prevention strategy to how they’re harvesting messaging data as well as ensuring the data remains secure:

  • Conduct a data risk assessment to identify sensitive information

  • Choose solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing messaging platforms and that are up and running quickly

  • Tune policies to the organization's specific data protection needs using Generative AI that can understand the nuances of human communications in any language.

  • Train employees on secure messaging practices and awareness of data leakage risks.


Messaging applications like WhatsApp, SMS, and others have become indispensable in the modern workplace, offering unmatched opportunities for boosting productivity and facilitating seamless communication.

Yet, the convenience and efficiency they bring must be balanced with rigorous security measures to protect against data leaks and other risks to the business.

With Caju AI, organizations can now take the next step in boosting productivity knowing the content will be inspected using modern GEN AI supervision and blocked so that the data is clean and the conversations will turn into insights with Caju AI. This means that teams can combine the essence of risk management with employee productivity all in one platform.

Caju AI is working with customers to help them unlock a massive new potential for growing and scaling business by leveraging a new way of unlocking value.

If you think you are ready to take the next step in transforming your customer engagement strategy in a way that ensures your risk and compliance guardrails are maintained, talk to us. We can get you started quickly with no friction so you can unlock the power of Caju for yourself.

Start a trial today by clicking the button below!


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