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Engaging with customers isn’t just about engaging with customers. Its about continuous performance & improvement to scale a business quickly.

Enterprise businesses have goals and their customers have demands. Sounds like a simple scenario right? 

Its not exactly that easy though. 

Most enterprise businesses have challenges in maintaining a personal touch with customers at scale, and so many companies fail at building toward a model of continuous improvement in how they engage and use that engagement as a key performance indicator to power the business versus simply just checking boxes in a support portal.

According to one report, in fact, over $21B is spent annually on customer engagement solutions. However, there are so many slivers of functionality missing in each solution including easy integration into other enterprise systems, and the ability to easily apply AMA and AI functionality to produce content and messages that will resonate with the customer, and solve problems they are reporting. 

Its time for a dramatic shift in strategy for organizations to consider that is built on continuous performance and improvement to help the business grow and not stagnate by checking boxes, by not considering data they might already have at their fingertips and by simply sticking with clunky tech that doesn’t deliver the necessary ROI. 

AI has played a massive role in the rethink happening around how organizations interact as teams and with customers to accelerate responsiveness, learn faster and implement new approaches at the speed of business.

This post will help organizations explore a fresh set of strategies to rethink customer engagement on an entirely new level leveraging an AI engine and a pile of data that is just sitting inside a CRM, enterprise messaging platforms and other applications where interactions can and should be used to give new meaning to customer engagement. 

A new approach to data and analytics

Its critical to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and needs to offer customized experiences. And analytics exist to help inform decisioning. But analytics on their own don’t provide the entire picture of how interactions with customers can improve or lead to other discoveries. 

Caju AI is delivering a new level of analytics to customers - all while using data that already exists in CRM systems and enterprise messaging applications. Yes - for example, messaging between doctors and pharma reps on WhatsApp. Or, customer data floating around in a disparate way in your CRM. 

Caju AI’s platform takes this data, runs it through its powerful AI engine and delivers insights in seconds to users that will provide teams with ideas, concepts, strategies and even the content to lever into better engagement, more strategic conversations, more quickly.

This is useful because it saves time for managers to focus on building the business from the insights delivered, and employees who can now enhance their productivity. 

Customer expectations are shifting 

Digital transformation is influencing the shifting of customer expectations of vendors. They expect more out of every vendor and every business they work with. There’s a higher level of demand to extract as much value out of every SaaS or software product in every industry. 

And because products are built, shipped and delivered in an agile way unlike any other era in technology, customers want to move in that same accelerated motion. So speed to response, speed to resolution and speed to upsell are all motions that can be achieved with Caju AI. 

Caju AI removes the barriers of human conversations to solve customer requests, tickets and dissatisfaction with an AI engine that builds the responses for you. But its more than that - Caju unlocks a method of intelligence-gathering and production that the industry hasn’t seen yet. 

At Caju, we have built an engine that enables you to not worry about the mundane tasks of consistent follow-up and of trying to come up with solutions on your own. We do it for you with the input of your own data. You can even see the data come to life in the platform, and it builds trust, transparency, and tailored experiences to build successful lasting customer relationships.

Leveraging AI in a completely new way: 

How a recent Caju customer had a significant breakthrough

A leading public Biotech company had a major need to enable its CRM call notes and call center data and content across its massive-scale global operations - no easy feat. The goal was to make the information available to 300 Medical Science Liaisons. (MSLs)

With Caju’s generative AI capabilities, the company easily centralized this data, normalized it in the Caju platform and was able to move forward with creating key actionable medical insights for all their MSLs.

What the company was able to accomplish with Caju was significant and impressive: 

  • They uncovered new insights into road formulary access and clinical analysis

  • They were able to produce real-world evidence, uncover new pharmacoeconomic data, and mechanisms of action with the AI-based recommendations from Caju.

  • A 55X ROI resulting in $4M  of unlocked opportunity

  • $1.1M cost reduction in potential headcount calculated at three business analysts and two compliance heads

Take the next step with Caju AI!

Caju AI is working with customers to help them unlock a massive new level of potential for growing and scaling business by leveraging a new way of unlocking value. This is a major shift to today’s modeling, and the disruptive value of Caju is helping organizations move in an accelerated motion. 

If you think you are ready to take the next step in transforming your customer engagement strategy to the next level with Caju AI, talk to us. We can get you started quickly with no friction so you can unlock the power of Caju for yourself.

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