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Caju AI joins forces with Proofpoint to deliver a Gen AI-powered customer engagement platform that provides mobile messaging, compliance, and conversation intelligence with industry-leading security

Innovative customer engagement platform collaborates with leading security and compliance company to provide customers with a comprehensive solution for mobile and desktop.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Caju AI, an innovator in Generative (Gen) AI-powered customer engagement, today announced the integration of Proofpoint's advanced Archiving and Compliance capabilities with Caju AI's customer engagement platform. This collaboration provides enhanced conversation intelligence, business insights, and risk mitigation across mobile and customer-facing digital communications. It enables customers to manage corporate communications and data within a secure, market-leading archiving and compliance platform, which includes a private, secure Generative AI instance for each customer to foster AI-assisted engagement and insights. Captured data from Caju AI's cloud-based solution will be automatically stored by Proofpoint in near-native format, reconciled for completeness, and available for search, e-Discovery, and surveillance.

"Most enterprises lack the ability to monitor the digital conversations that are taking place across their organization, either for business insights or risk protection. Partnering with Proofpoint enables us to offer a highly innovative, Gen AI-driven conversation intelligence platform backed by a market-leading archiving, compliance, and security platform to deliver enterprise customer engagement as a comprehensive end-to-end solution," said Otavio Freire, CEO and Co-Founder at Caju AI regarding the significance of the integration. "Both Caju AI and Proofpoint have a successful history of investing in next-generation compliance technology, and this integration is just another step toward providing clients with innovative solutions that meet today's record keeping and compliance needs."

Managing customer-facing communications for compliance and business insights at an enterprise scale is intricate and taxing for marketing and compliance teams. Generative AI presents exciting opportunities but it also poses security and intellectual property challenges. By providing each customer their own secure and compliant Generative AI instance, the Caju AI and Proofpoint solution facilitates adoption and ensures future-ready compliance while prioritizing security. Additionally, the joint solution features AI-driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and risk monitoring across over 200 legal, compliance, and conduct scenarios to detect and prevent potential issues, all while securing data in one of the industry's most robust regulatory archives. The Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance portfolio uses machine learning and data visualization to deliver timely incident responses and simplify legal discovery processes.

"Regulated and highly litigious organizations need a modern approach to compliantly manage, retain, and monitor company interactions, especially given the recent multi-billion-dollar fines for failing to do so," said Kevin Leusing, General Manager of Archiving and Compliance at Proofpoint. "With near real-time search capabilities and data visualization tools, organizations globally depend on Proofpoint to streamline conduct supervision and legal discovery while reducing risks and costs. When looking to offer customers a solution for texting, WhatsApp, and other mobile channels, Proofpoint wanted to do more than just capture data. The combined solution from Caju AI and Proofpoint provides added security and the option to generate business insights using Generative AI."

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About Caju AI

The Caju AI platform helps organizations capture communications while maintaining privacy, security, and compliance. It also builds on this data using Generative AI to provide actionable insights. It is tailored to the digital customer engagement needs of regulated industries, making it a vital tool for the legal, financial services, pharma, healthcare, education, and government sectors. More information is available at

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